UO Evolution (UOE) is a player-run MMORPG(Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game). It is designed using Run UO software and loosely based off of the Ultima Online Pre-AoS platform. We say "loosely" based because it is significantly unique in features such as game design, playable map, ingame systems, and so forth. It is also FREE to play! Everything you need to play is downloadable from links we provide in our RESOURCES link section. And there is no monthly fee. It has such enormous depth that you can lose yourself in our world for hours on end while at the same time its design is so ergonomic that the casual player can be competitive and enjoy themselves with as little time as you are willing/able to afford.

UOE features indepth Guild Warfare, Territorial, Economic, and RP/Political systems not seen in other games. These systems have a real impact on players and Guilds alike. Additionally, seven player Races each have exclusive access to crafting skills. For instance, Dwarven Blacksmiths can ONLY get their ore from Half-Orc Miners who can ONLY get their pickaxes from Gnome Tinkers who can ONLY get their Ore from the Half-Orcs again. This racial specialization makes for a lack of "crafting mules", which in turn promotes interdependence among players in bartering and trading for necessary goods. This allows for a player-driven economy as npcs do not sell these craftable goods!

After years of online gaming, I have discovered something that I'm sure many of you have discovered for yourself, or would agree to once presented. Three prominent requisites of online gaming. Players want to have;

  1. Meaningful PvP with consequences experienced by aggressors and defenders.
  2. Non-Linear PvM(PvE) with proportional Risk vs. Reward without the infamous "Level Grind".
  3. A sense of power. Players want their actions to have an impact on the gaming community, their Guilds and character, as well as the landscape in which they play.

UOE has it all! Our customizations are more than eye candy and random, patchwork scripts. We boast indepth, dynamic, player-driven systems. UOE is a game that fosters competitive gameplay and embraces pvp combat. Red/murderer characters are allowed. Guilds may war and, in fact, guild warfare is a major component of many of the exciting systems exclusive to UOE. That being said, the staff will not tolerate "griefing". This is a subjective term at best, so we will not take pains to define it other than "play which is engaged in with the ultimate intent of causing another player(s) distress". Please do not test our limits in this regard.

We welcome you to enjoy all of our hard work. As with any true mmorpg, this is a work in progress. We expect you, the players, to be an integral part in shaping the future of UO Evolution.

  • UOE has many new custom weapons, magics, and so forth. Next to none of them impact PvP combat in any meaningful way as we wish to retain the purity of player-skill reliant combat that earlier ages of UO hold dear in the hearts of our developers and community.
  • UOE is based loosely off of a pre-aos shard.
  • Only Felucca is populated.
  • Magic weapons and armor are not given as loot, they have to be player-crafted.
  • Locked chests will be placed in dungeons with valuable items, making Lockpicking a valuable skill.
  • Food will be a limited resource so Cooking is valuable.
  • Vendors sell little to no tools at a premium, making Tinkering a valuable skill.
  • There are many new artifacts and systems that require previously unimportant skills to employ, making these skills more valuable than expected. For example, Item ID and Forensics are needed to Spellcraft.